Netheril Risen

Entering the Fallen Tower

Please join me for some wine and we can discuss this...

The adventurers dispatched the bluespawn that dwelt in the sea caves beneath the tower and moved deeper into the interior of the volcano. They climbed a set of stairs to a wooden door that Aelar pried open with his handy crowbar. He peered into the room to find two dragonborn staring back at him looking a bit peeved.

“You could have just knocked”, remarked the taller of the two dragonborn as he hefted a greataxe that had been leaning against the table. The second dragonborn shifted up from his stool and picked up his staff.

“Hail”, countered Aelar as the group filtered into the room.

“Yes, hail and well met”, added Ayn who appointed himself the spokesperson for this discussion.

He slowly approached the dragonborn and engaged them in a discussion concerning their relationship to Gaurlax, the blue dragon that they were seeking. He determined that they worked with Gaurlax but seemingly not for him. They were members of the Cult of the Dragon and they had come to conduct research on creating blue dragonspawn. At this point, the cost of the bluespawn that the group had just slain entered the conversation and the discussions took a turn for the worse. It seemed clear that the cultists might be willing to make a deal for safe passage to Gaurlax but it was difficult to get a sense that this deal would be honored. In lieu of any further negotiations, battle broke out.

The dragonspawn cultists were soon joined by three more members of their group and the fight was vicious and bloody. Electrical energy erupted from a set of columns flanking the bluespawn spawning pool searing several of the heroes during the fight. The leader, Surak, fought bravely but eventually conceded surrender after three of his kin were slain. The heroes accepted unconditionally and moved to place them in the cages that two of the dead bluespawn had occupied.



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