Netheril Risen

The Battle for Celduilon

The shadow has fallen upon the Feywild

Rukh and Ayn rejoined the party after 2 months of travel and enduring the dangers of the Anauroch desert another time. On arrival, the companions were reunited and Alec the bard left the party in search of friendlier pastures. They waited in Moonstair for another several days and finally the full moon arrived on a cloudless night.

The group arrived in the Feywild again through the moondoor only to find a slain scouting party from Celduilon. A message brought by the Eladrin stated that the city was under attack. The group traveled 3 days to Celduilon finding the city under siege by shadow and fey alike. The party assaulted the flank of the force and helped defeat the attackers.

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