Netheril Risen

Upward Mobility

The party seeks to elevate its status in Celduilon

The revere from the breaking of the siege was short-lived as the party was soon brought to a tribunal to answer questions concerning the party’s involvement with the shadow. They soon found that they had already acquired a powerful enemy in the city, the high adjudicator, Mora Moonwater. For their role in the defeat of the shadow’s assault on the city, the group was allowed to stay in Celduilon but they were confined to the lower halls.

This was short-lived as the party readily made allies within the city and found a way into the livelier middle halls. Before they made their move up the social ladder, the group discovered that their boar was invested with the spirit of Nortensen. Their fallen companion’s spirit had leant them a powerful companion to assist them in their journeys. Upon arrival in the middle halls, the heroes crashed a banquet in honor of the junior eladrin councillor, Lishekki Almandrine. We left them as they feasted in her honor seeking a way to ingratiate themselves with the nobility. If this doesn’t work then they will need to come up with another plan to move themselves up the social ladder. Their final goal is audience with the fey court of Celduilon itself.



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