The leader of the Harper's Hold in Baldur's Gate


A rough appearing half-elf male with steel blue eyes that seem to penetrate those he studies. A wears a rapier at his side and a dirk on his boot at all times. His mood always seems to be one of a high state of alert.


A survivor of the assassination of several high-ranking members of the Harpers in Baldur’s Gate. He has now refounded a branch of the Harpers in secret while recruiting new members.

He occupies the hold with his wife Lyra and an orphan boy named Mole. The adventuring group known as Shar’s Bane has recently moved in as recruits. They have allowed their dog to become Mole’s constant companion while they are on watch from the upper floor of the building.

Harek is currently running Harper operations from this location and seeks to turn the bottom floors into a supply shop as a cover for Harper activities.


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