What transpired, as Ayn told it to Rukh:

I fell for a hundred years, and while I fell, my body was frozen and burned and torn by the claws of a thousand demons. Erathis abandoned me. My body failed me. All that remained was the power formed from the pacts of my ancestors and my will for revenge. I reclaimed my birthright, but the energy went wild, unfocused and I was landed in the Abyss.

I fought every day, often alone, often a creature of my own summoning. Back to back we stood and destroyed wave after wave of demon and elemental. My blade (“Oath”) became infused with necromatic energy, the metal vanished the weapon became alive; part of me, and… something else entirely.

We three, myself transformed – more ruined creature than Tiefling, my blade and my devil companion, tore a hole from the Abyss and crawled into the Feywild. We were not welcome their either and fought and fled and bled for twelve more years.

The Harpers found me in the desert, returned to my old form, the same, but changed. A few valued tools at hand…


Netheril Risen modernkutuzov