weapon (melee)

A +3 Longsword (artifact)
Property: +1 saving throws
Property: +2 item bonus to thievery checks
Power (at-will): light 5
Power (encounter): nimble defense (Ranger 13)
Power (daily): free action: use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is outlined by a golden nimbus and does not gain the benefit of concealment or cover (save ends). If the target is also of shadow origin then they also take a -2 penalty to attack rolls.

Concordance (7-14): Normal
Concordance (15-18): Satisfied, the sword is content that its owner is of the caliber of warrior that deserves its abilities. This adds:
Property: +2 item bonus to diplomacy and insight
Power (daily): ranger daily lvl 14 or lower (tbd by Matt)


A gift from Chrysandra, the silver dragon rescued by the party from the clutches of Gaurlax. It is an elven artifact that serves only the most brave and honorable of elven warriors.


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